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[Recital] Hideaki Takizawa Recital 2006

The rumors had been flying for a couple of days, and now the announcement is all over the Japanese newspapers and on johnnys-net.

Hideaki Takizawa will star in a recital - another stage show. It will take place at the Nissay Theatre from September 5-28, 2006. Most of the time there will be two shows per day, for a total of 37 shows. Tickets are 11,000 yen each. Deadline for fan club balloting is July 29, 2006.

This recital is something completely different from Takizawa Enbujou. This time, it's all about Takki's life story. Even though he's only 24 years old now, he has been in JE since he was 13, and he's done a lot in that period. He was picked out very early to become a major idol. If anyone has V6's first concert video "Live for the People", Takki (Tsubasa was there too) got a ton of camera time for a new chibi Junior. It progressed to the point where he became the leader of Johnny's Junior. He was in dramas, variety shows, you name it. I don't know what kind of scope the story will cover...and we all know that there will be "embellishments"...but we now know why he was in Las Vegas a few months ago!
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