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for the love of dreamboy TACKEY

A Takizawa Hideaki Community

A Takizawa Hideaki Community
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Welcome to Dreamboy ~ Tackey, the Takizawa Hideaki community on Livejournal.com!

This is a community dedicated exclusively to Takizawa Hideaki, of the J-POP duo from Johnny's Entertainment, Tackey & Tsubasa, as well as being an actor in various Japanese dramas. This is going to be a pretty friendly community, we don't want it to be super serious, as we love Takki and we love a joke about him. Takki is a fun loving guy, baka-ish sometimes, and there's no reason why we should be serious all the time.

You can talk about him, obviously. Whatever you wanna say about him, you can - opinions on his looks, voice, acting, clothes, etc etc. But nothing like "OMGZ I hate Tackey!!!111ONEUNO11!!" This is a fan community for Takki, therefore, it should be obvious that no Takki bashing is allowed - if such events occur, the mods will definitely do some banning.

You may talk about his relationship with Tsubasa, as Tsubasa is a huge part of his life. We're both in favor of the T&T AND TxT relationship, so spread the love if you want to! =) It should also be noted here that this community is shounen-ai/yaoi friendly.

Picture-postings are more than welcome! Everyone loves pictures ^.~ especially if it is of the mega adorable Takki.

File-sharing will be a huge contribution to this community, so we encourage to you share! You may share MP3s, video clips, commerials, lives, TV appearances, etc. File-sharing is not limited to sole Takki files, as long as Takki is somewhere in the media, it's more than welcome! Of course, have the sense not to share a KAT-TUN clip where not even the shadow of Takki is seen.

You may share fan-art, fan-fics, icons, wallpapers, anything you have written/created, as long as it involves Takki.

An intro post as you joined would be nice - we'll love to know more about you!

First I've heard of Takki
Favourite Takki (or T&T) song
Favourite Takki drama/role
What I hope to see in the community

Short, simple, to the point! =) More information about Takki himself could be found at the sidebar of the community layout.

I know we all hate them, but rules are needed.
01) No flaming or rude comments! If we find any sort of offensive comments, a warning will be issued. A second occurence means immediate banning.
02) As important as Tsubasa is to Takki, any Tsuba-chan bashing will not be tolerated!! If you are found to be bashing Tsubasa, you will be banned immediately and without warning.
03) Type properly and normally, PLEASE. It's hard to read when you tYpE LikE tHiS. Also, please spell out words like you, instead of u.. things like that. It's alright if you aren't the best speller in the world, just use common sense.
04) If you download a file from anyone, be sure to comment to thank them! It only takes 10 seconds to type a single "Thank you" but it means a lot to the people who uploaded it - it means that you appreciate their efforts and they will be happier to upload more!
05) The LJ-cut is your friend. Please take note:
   - You may post 3 icons out of an LJ-cut. Any more than that, please cut it.
   - You may post 1 picture out of an LJ-cut. The rest has to go behind the cut. And if the picture you're posting is huge, please put it behind a cut, too.
   - If you're posting a "suggestive" picture, please put a warning and insert behind an LJ-cut - people who don't want to see it shouldn't have to.
   - All fanfics must go behind an LJ-cut - but feel free to post a summary and what not. Please make sure to post ratings and warnings where applicable.
06) Please make all media-posts "friends only." Since we are going to be sharing exclusive files, we don't want them to be leeched by random people.
07) This community, as mentioned, is shounen-ai/yaoi friendly. We understand if you don't share the same sentiments, but as the rule goes, absolutely no bashing allowed. What we discuss here may or may not reflect in real life.
08) Plugging for other communities are allowed, as long as they are Takki-related. For example, feel free to plug a community dedicated to Yoshitsune or Tsubasa, but please don't promote a SMAP community in here.
09) Love Tackey!!
10) Have fun!

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victory6 V6 fan community.

We're always on the lookout for affliates, contact us if you have a related community to affliate! The category for affliations are widely flexible, in fact, any music/drama/Johnny's comms would do.

If you want to affliate with us, please feel free to take a banner if you want to:


Mod: kittycat02
You can reach me at:
AIM = Lunarocity
E-mail= kittycat02 [@] livejournal [dot] com

Takizawa Hideaki.net for most of the Takki graphics used in the layout and userinfo.
77words, ohpaintbrush and inxsomniax for the brushes used.